1 Piece Sectional Bookcase Made to Order


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1 Piece Sectional Bookcase Made to Order

We can create the perfect customized bookcase unit to perfectly fit your office environment. No matter the size of your wall, nook or cranny, we can custom make bookshelves to fit. Choose between Oak (white or red or quarter sawn), Maple (brown or white), Cherry (rustic or top grade), American Walnut (rustic or top grade), imported Mahogany and others. We can perfectly match your existing decor by matching the wood species and stain color your office currently has.

Since every custom made shelf or shelves is different you will have to speak to one of our designers to get a price quote for your custom made unit. As you can see from this page we also have many standard styles and configurations more readily available. 3 shelf, 4 shelves, 5 shelves or more. One customer had us build a unit that reached the top of her 10′ ceiling. And we made enough units to fill her entire 12′ wall. We even will send our special installer if need be (depending on location). Call one of our designers to discuss your project and let us create the perfect wall or stand-alone bookcase system for your office.

Our bookcases come in a wide variety of styles and designs and we can also copy your existing style if you so wish. Give us a call for further details at 330-807-1956.

36” high, 3′ wide and 14” deep.


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