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Make Your Workday More Energizing & Productive

Here at Amish Country Furniture Sales, (Standupdesks.com), we understand that every client has different needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of classic stand-up adjustable desks that can suit your requirements.

We help you create an active workspace for a more energizing, collaborative, and productive workday. From freestanding sit-stand desks, our best-selling adjustable desk converters, with lighting and storage to complete your setup, we have everything that you need to create a more energizing, collaborative, and productive workspace.

Stay Fit as You Work

Workstation flexibility and standing desks promote healthy computing by turning a less active work environment into one with movement. Learn about the benefits of an adjustable desk that’s designed with ergonomics in mind.

Our premium quality wooden adjustable desks can transform your office into a comfort zone that improves focus, increases efficiency, and encourage calorie burning.

Built for Durability

Our desks are built for strength and durability and can easily fit into different workspaces.

The upright desk lets you smoothly transition between various ergonomic desk positions with an effortless height adjustment and keeps you comfortable within a conventional office style. To sum it up, our desks offer the following advantages:

  • Beautiful wooden aesthetic
  • Creates a flexible workstation
  • Increases well-being and work productivity
  • Variety of sizes to fit any workspace
  • Adjustable desk height positions

Our Journey

Amish Country Furniture Sales was founded in 1984 to provide the finest quality solid wood upright desks and adjustable desks. At Standupdesks.com, we provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality product that is affordable for those who desire relief from injury in the workplace.

Amish Country Furniture started with three basic designs and has blossomed from one workshop into a company with over thirty-six designs and five workshops. All of our desks are 100% Amish made here in Ohio by our innovative group of craftsmen.

Thanks to quality wood and the hard work of our Amish workers, leather smiths, and finishers, EVERY desk is backed by a material and workmanship Lifetime Warranty, shipped worldwide. Currently, we are the manufacturer of the finest custom-made standing desks, sit-stand desks, tables, podiums, lecterns, and drafting tables in America.

For personalized attention, feel free to call us at (888) 825-8423. Or email us at officialstandingdesk@gmail.com.

Who Buys From Amish Country Furniture Sales?

Some of our premium executive clients include

  • The United States Government such as The Pentagon, The Federal Trade Commission, The Department of Defense, The Army, The Air Force, The Navy, The Marines, The U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. District Courts, Judges, U.S. Customs, the GSA, FBI, and the IRS
  • Executives Including Attorneys, CPA's, Bankers, Doctors, Chiropractors, CEO's of both small and huge corporations, Teachers, and College Professors
  • Interior Decorators
  • Fine Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Ergonomic Furniture Stores,
  • Just anyone who prefers working standing over sitting

Notable Features of Our Desk

Here at Amish Country Furniture Sales, we focus on informing our customers of every feature our desks provide. We strive to match each customer with the perfect custom-made desk to suit his or her specific needs. From standing desks, sit-down desks, sit-stand desks, filing cabinets, credenzas, and bookshelves to full office suites, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Here at Amish Country Furniture, we are fond of our slogan, “If you can sketch it, we can build it.” We do not pride ourselves on mass-produced pieces but instead a start to finish custom desk specific to each order.

At Amish Country Furniture Sales, we care about the environment. We do everything we can to leave as small of an impact on the earth as possible. We buy wood from local sustainable tree farms right here in Ohio, all of which replant in the areas they harvest.

In addition, our manufacturing facilities use 90% natural lighting to reduce energy consumption. Also, all of our scrap wood is recycled into wood composite materials. However, we do not use wood composite materials to build our fine furniture.

The health benefits of standing desks or adjustable desks can be seen in many featured articles and are designed to be an effective, comfortable ergonomic workstation, at which we know you will most likely be spending a lot of time. A majority of our desks come with a style of footrest rail designed to take a lot of strain off your lower back.

The key to being comfortable is to not slouch over too much nor be standing too erect. With over 36 different and ever-increasing desk designs, ten different kinds of wood, and dozens of finishes and sizes, no other manufacturer comes even close to the variety of sizes, styles, woods, fixtures, and stains that we offer while making you comfortable and happy with your purchase.

Amish Country Furniture Sales sells directly to the customer as each desk has to be made specific to their height and personal work needs. This means you do not have to sacrifice quality for a higher cost. Orders are processed by our online submission form at standupdesks.com, and although we do not take phone orders, we are more than willing to answer all your questions and walk you through every step of the ordering process going over and explaining any options you may have questions about. A call back is always placed by one of our customer service reps for each order submission to confirm and review every order and answer any remaining questions that our customers may still have to ensure their order is 100% correct.

Be sure and ask about our multiple order discounts when ordering multiple pieces or whole office suites. We love that our reputation proceeded us by word of mouth, and over a third of our business comes from referrals. Plus, we offer a referral rebate program to our customers. Every time someone buys a desk from our company as a result of you showing off your desk to a friend or colleague, you earn a $100.00 rebate each and every time.

All information entered through our online submission form is sent to a secure encrypted server, and all submissions are reviewed with the customer before any order is completed and processed. Again, all furniture is backed with a Lifetime Warranty against material and workmanship defects.

We have a reputation for our quality and have placed hundreds of desks in the Pentagon and virtually every branch of the US Government, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, FTC, IRS, and FBI. We are proud to say that even the White House has ordered several of our desks over the last six years. We also have a very high 93 D&B (Dunn & Bradstreet rating {www.dandb.com}), giving you 100% confidence in ordering from us. Our company has been in business since 1984.

Our customer service team is out of the same office as our sales team guaranteeing you will always speak with someone knowledgeable about the product and answer your questions to help solve any issues that may arise. That being said, our products have less than one-half of a one percent failure rate.

We work nationally with Furniture Medic (www.furnituremedic.com) if one of our desks ever fails in the field. If they can’t fix it the desk will be replaced. In 21 years, with thousands of desks sold, we have had to replace two desks. All other issues were fixed easily and quickly.

We are very proud of our Amish craftsmen who build all of our desks. Their workmanship is world-renowned and unsurpassed among handmade furniture and cabinet makers. Best of all, their furniture is reasonably priced with no compromise in quality.

Take a look at the different style desks and see what desk will best fit your work style and your office decor, and remember we can custom make just about anything you may need for your home or office. Call (888) 825-8423 or email us at officialstandingdesk@gmail.com for customization or configuration questions.

Amish Country Furniture Sales

Understanding Ergonomics

AMISH OFFICE FURNITURE OFFERS ERGONOMIC BENEFITS----The following is a write-up from Today's Chiropractic, the world's most widely read chiropractic publication.

For the estimated 66 million Americans who suffer from chronic back pain, anything that reduces the agony without drugs or surgery comes as welcome news. Until now, those with desk jobs have had little choice but to end long days at the office with aching backs.

According to a study by the Spine Resource Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle, sitting puts 40 to 80 percent more stress on the back than standing does. A new option from Ohio’s Amish country brings back a productivity tool from American colonial times.

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A Better Back...from Amish Country

The following is a write-up from Trial Magazine, a publication produced and distributed by ATLA, Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Hours spent poring over briefs and depositions can often take a toll on your back. Try a standing desk from Amish Country Furniture Sales to ease the pain.

According to a study by the Spine Resource Clinic at the University of Washington, sitting puts 40 percent to 80 percent more stress on the back than standing. A stand-up desk allows you to relieve that stress and keep the blood circulating.

All desks are handcrafted to order, are up to 5 feet wide, and are tailored to the customer’s height. You can select the type of wood and the stain. Computer desks, writing desks, drafting desks, and other styles are available. Prices start at $895.

For further details, see www.standupdesks.com on the Web, call (888) 825-8423, (330) 807-0465, e-mail victoria@standupdesks.com or fax the form on p.126 to (888) 553-1922.

Information for "Discoveries" is provided by the individual companies and does not reflect an endorsement of any product by TRIAL or ATLA.