Frequently Asked Questions

A) No. We are indeed most famous for our custom-made standing desks. However, we also make some of the finest executive sit-down desks you will find anywhere. And our Sit-Stand hydraulic Executive Desk is one-of-a-kind in both design and functionality. Look at our pdf catalogs on the Executive Stand-up Desk page for some of our complete office suites. Our Executive and Benjamin Franklin desks are available in traditional sit-down versions. We also make custom-made filing cabinets, bookshelves, credenzas, and cabinets. If you don't see the style you want on our website and you know what you are looking for, give us a call and tell us what you are looking for, and we will provide you a quote on a custom-made piece.

A) It depends on when you get your order in and how many orders are in front of yours. We do stock a few of our most popular styles unfinished, so if someone needs a desk ASAP, we can get one out in as short a time as a few weeks. Due to the overwhelming demand for our custom-made standing desks, custom orders are currently rerunning around 12 weeks depending on the model you order and how many customers are ahead of you in line for production. The sooner you get your order in, the sooner we can go to work on it. Can't wait that long? Check out our Items In Stock page.

A) Usually a few. We usually build one or two extra desks per month for emergency cases. Those people who desperately need a desk ASAP because of an accident or other circumstances. We also sometimes have one of our model desks available for immediate sale. If you need a desk ASAP, give us a call toll-free at (888) 825-8423 or (330) 807-0465 and see what we have in stock or go to our In-Stock page, although this list changes on a day to day basis to always call to check.

A) Whatever feels right for you. Create a makeshift set up from your desk with boxes or books and get it to a height that feels right while you are standing. This height should be around your elbow height. Usually, an inch or two below elbow height is average. There is no objective science to this. Only you can decide what feels best for you. If you use a laptop computer on your desk, you might want to subtract an inch to compensate for it. If you are ordering a slant-top style desk, there is a 4" front to the rear slope. So the center of your desk will be about 2" higher than the front lip.

A) Yes, there is a 2" lip, and we can install an additional catch rail at the base if you so desire.

A) YES! We do use some fine wood veneers only on the Executive desk for added strength. All other desks are made from 100% solid wood only.

A) Yes, we ship worldwide. However, remote areas and other countries have an additional cost, so we ask that you call us for an individual freight quote. For example, Hawaii and European freight run about double the domestic rates.

A) YES, 100%. Three highly skilled, specially trained Amish craftsmen work on each desk: 1) the furniture makers, 2) the leather smith, 3) and the finishers. Amish Country Furniture Sales is delighted to have the finest craftsmen in all three of these areas. Each of our desks is created as a one-of-a-kind work of art, handcrafted by skilled furniture makers who employ the old-world techniques of furniture manufacturing to our specific standards. Our finisher employs a six-step finishing process to ensure a lustrous sheen that enhances the wood's beauty and protects it from wear. Our prices and quality are unsurpassed.

A) The bookshelf only holds books. It is available in 8" depth or 12" depth. The rack shelf (see the computer stand-up desk) can also accommodate large items like CPUs, printers, scanners, and external hard drives. The rack shelf is 14" deep and allows maximum airflow. You can see the different styles on many of our desk style pages.

A) The Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, Flat Top Computer Desk, and the 3-in-1 are all 29 inches deep. At this depth, they should fit easily through any doorway. These desks do not disassemble. We offer a drop leaf extension extending the rear top ledge from 7.5 inches to up to 17 inches deep. Benjamin Franklin and the Executive are much more profound. The Executive is 36 or 42 inches deep and up to 72 inches wide. Please measure before ordering. The Benjamin Franklin is 36 inches deep and 66 inches wide. Only the Standard Executive and the Benjamin Franklin desks come apart.

A) It works just like on a table with a drop leaf. The extension lifts and spring locks into place, so you can not tell it is an extension. For example, the rear ledge on a Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Woolf, DaVinci 2-in-1 & 3-in-1, and Winston Churchill is 7.5". You can extend that up to 17" with a drop leaf. On the 29" deep computer flat-top desk, you can extend the tabletop an additional 9", giving you a 38" deep desk and still be able to get it through the door. You can see how the drop leaf extension works well on our free digital video brochure.

A) Yes. All our desks carry a lifetime guarantee against material and workmanship defects.

A) Usually. Sometimes that is up to you. Don't order a cherry desk if you have all mahogany wood or oak if you have a walnut. If you look at our stains & leather page, you will most probably see a very close match. If not, pick up a MinWax stain chart at your local paint, stain, hardware, or Sears store and see if any of those samples match. We can also use Sherwin Williams stains or Pratt & Lambert stains. Last but not least, send us a picture that offers a good representation of your furniture color, and we can match it. A custom match can sometimes cost up to $200 extra. Send us your sample, and we will let you know ASAP. It is not always possible to match some laminate stain samples because THEY ARE NOT WOOD! They are a plastic film made to look like wood. We come as close as we can, but sometimes it truly is impossible to match some samples exactly.

A) About 25% of our customers order a matching stool. The beauty of a standing desk is you have a choice of both standing or sitting. Sometimes, you may want to sit or lean against a stool or drafting-style chair. Most of our customers say they only want to stand. You can always order a stool later or buy a drafting chair if you decide you need one.

A) Brass is more durable. If you don't plan to use your footrest rail (an unlikely scenario), wood might be a little more attractive. However, on 5' or longer desks, we highly recommend the brass rail for added strength.

A) Sure. If you plan on picking up your desk, state so on your order form and do not include shipping. If you still want your desk custom packaged, that costs around $95.00.

A) J&V Consulting, Inc. is an Ohio-based corporation in business since 1984. Amish Country Furniture Sales is a dba of J&V and has been in operation online since 1994. Since our inception, we have made desks for virtually every branch of the United States government and some of the top corporations in the US. We are proud to say several of our standing desks are in the White House! If you wish to speak to one of our customers in your area or talk to someone from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, Social Security Administration, IRS, or the Pentagon …we will gladly give you some referrals. We also have a very high 93 D&B rating, and we can fax you a copy of it, or you can acquire one yourself directly from Dunn & Bradstreet. Just type in Amish Country Furniture Sales in Ohio. We make the finest custom-made standing desks in America, and we have some very impressive customers who will gladly attest to that fact. Also, be sure and read our testimonial page. They are all 100% real, and you may call any one of them. You can order from us with 100% confidence.

A) Then give us a call at (888) 825-8423 or (330) 807-0465 and talk to us directly so we can help you to help us create the perfect custom-made desk for you.

A) Yes! You will also save on shipping whenever more than one piece of furniture is ordered. Always call us for a price quote on multiple-piece orders. Also, inside delivery is per load, not per piece. So, if you need inside delivery, it is the same price no matter how many pieces of furniture you order.