CLASSIC Reading – Writing Standing Desks

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CLASSIC Reading – Writing Standing Desks

Classic Reading, Writing, Drafting, Standing Desk/Table –
Quick Stats:

Available Widths: 2′ to 7′ priced at 6″ increments. In between sizes will be priced to the closest up size.
Available Depths: Standard Depth is 29 inches, but customizations are available.
Available Height: Measured from the desks front lip & made to order: Be sure to read our Measuring Tips Page before determining the desk height.
Available Woods: Oak, Brown Maple, White Maple, Rustic Cherry, Hickory, Quarter Sawn Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, Tiger/Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, and Imported Mahogany.
Available Leather Inlays: Black, Hunter Green, Dark (Chocolate) Brown, Bomber Brown, Oxblood (Burgundy), Navy Blue, Taupe (Tan).
Available Finishing: All standard stains plus custom finishing available.
Available Underneath Shelves: 8″ deep book, 12″ deep book or 14″ deep rack shelf.


Our Classic Reading and Writing Desk is a marvelously functional, solid wood, reading, writing, drafting table, standup desk, and book stand all in one! If you are looking for a wooden drafting table, you will not find one finer than this!

It is available in 2.5′, 3′, 3.5′, 4′, 4.5′, 5′, 5.5′, 6′, 6.5″and 7′ widths. Deep drawers provide ample storage space and the book shelf underneath keeps all your important reference materials at hand. There is also some storage under the adjustable lid.

One key feature of this desk is the standard adjustable reading rail which places your book exactly at the height you want. If you have neck pain this puts your reading material at eye level and eliminates the need to look down. Other features unique to this desk model are the standard corner leg webbing and fluted legs.

Desk Sizes: Take into account that this desk model will ship fully assembled and that the width, depth, and height will be maneuverable thorough your home or office doorways and corridors.
 Your desk’s width and height will be made to order so you can be sure your reading, writing, drafting table/desk will fit you perfectly.
The Classic Reading, Writing, Drafting Table is a 3 foot (36″) wide desk which features Cherry wood and Fireside stain, an 8″ underneath bookshelf, 3″ brass colonial knocker style drawer pull with backplate an all wood writing surface and a Deluxe Style Wood Footrest Rail. Leather inlay surfaces are also available for anyone that may prefer more grip to their desktop surface. The adjustable reading rail is standard on this desk model.

The bottom line is, most of us think better on our feet! But, that being the case doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be standing all day long. With our sit-stand hydraulic adjustable desks, you can rotate from sitting to standing in half-hour intervals throughout the day for maximum efficiency.

You can search the world over and you will be hard pressed to find a more attractive, functional and ergonomically friendly work desk anywhere! Let us find the perfect stain and leather to make your adjustable desk a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in your home or office.

Call (800) 860-1356 to speak with one of our designers today!


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