Da Vinci 3-in-1 Stand Up Desk

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Da Vinci 3-in-1 Stand Up Desk

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 3’6″, 4′, 4’6″, 5′, 5’6″, 6′, 6’6″, and 7”. (Standard DEPTH 29″)
AVAILABLE HEIGHT:Made to order: Be sure and read our Measuring Tips Page to determine what height is best for you.
AVAILABLE WOODS: Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, Brown or White Maple, Imported Mahogany.
DELUXE UPGRADE AVAILABLE: Yes. Includes: Pull-out side shelves (see photo 13,14, 17 below), drawer locks, fluted legs, deluxe brass or nickel footrest rail, custom body trim moldings.
AVAILABLE LEATHER INLAYS: Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Oxblood, Brown, Taupe.
AVAILABLE FINISHES: All standard stains plus custom colors available.
AVAILABLE UNDERNEATH SHELF: 8″ deep book, 12″ deep book or 14″ deep rack shelf.


Consider the improved productivity that comes from a standing desk or a standing adjustable desk. The fact is that most of us think better on our feet. But, that being the case doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be standing all day long. With our desks, you can rotate from sitting to standing in half-hour intervals throughout the day for maximum efficiency using a stool or using your desk as an extra desk for optimal productivity.

Many customers have told us that our Da Vinci line are the most beautiful standing desks on the market today. We tend to agree. When properly configured with the right wood species and leather inlay, you’d be hard pressed to find a more attractive standing desk anywhere else. We are proud that this model was ordered more than once by executives inside the White House. We also have dozens of military officers who use this model in the Pentagon as well as Military bases throughout the U.S., Japan, and Europe!

The Da Vinci 3-in-1 is a combination of our Computer Stand Up Desk (part flat top), our Virginia Woolf Stand Up Desk (lift top lid with inside storage) and our Winston Churchill Stand Up Desk (drawers.) This combination makes the Da Vinci 3-in-1 one of our most elegant and popular desks!
On the right or left side, you have the flat top for your monitor and keyboard. You may order the optional “Drawer Bridge” as shown in Photo Gallery Picture #16 & #19 or the ” Pull-out Keyboard Tray ” seen in picture #8. This lowers the keyboard 4″ below the adjustable desktop.
You also have loads of storage space with both a lift top lid with inside storage and two or three large drawers. We can configure the flat part/slant part in a variety of ways including a reverse style for those who are left-handed.

Have an idea to configure the desk into a perfect standing workstation? Just Ask! Customizations are our specialty.

You have the choice of a 14″ deep rack style shelf or an 8″ or 12″ deep bookshelf underneath. This standing desk is available in 3’6″, 4′, 4’6″, 5′, 5’6″, 6′, 6′ 6″, and 7′ foot widths! This gives you a vast selection of combinations for a reading/writing section on one side and a flat-top computer platform on the other side. You may divide the sloped section and the flat-top section in any combination of 6″ increments. So the desk starts at 2′ sloped and 2′ flat. You can also add width in 6″ increments to either side depending on the total width you are ordering. The normal desk depth is 29 inches.

Your desk height will be made to order so you can be sure your desk will fit you perfectly!

The “Deluxe version” (shown in picture #5 or pictures 10 through 15 below) includes a Deluxe Footrest Rail (choice of Brass or Nickel), Pull-out Side Shelves, Drawer Locks (on all drawers), Georgian Style Fluted Legs, plus Deluxe Body Moldings and appointments on the Pull-out Side Shelves to match our selectable hardware (Drawer Pulls & Footrest Rails).

As always we offer you a wide variety of stain choices and colored leather tops at no additional charge. An internal organizational tray and shelf are standard on this desk. The Da Vinci 3-in-1 pricing starts at only $1,695.00 for a 4′ wide desk.

Let us build the perfect ergonomic work environment for you! Call us at: (800-860-1356 or 888-825-8423) if you need any help configuring your desk. Even though some of our standing desks are not adjustable desks you can always get an adjustable chair or a stool.

If you would like a print out of the desk order form with prices and options, click the link BELOW:

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