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Sit-Stand Executive Desk


Finally, the perfect custom made sit-stand adjustable height executive office desk! This unique one-of-a-kind Executive Style uplift desk offers many features that will please even the most discriminating executive. The first, and to the best of our knowledge, the only sit-stand executive desk on the market today made of 100% real wood.

It is available in 6′, 6’6″ and 7′ lengths. Normal depth is 32″ additional depths are available up to 42″.  The center drawer is attached to the desktop so it rises with the desktop. The removable footrest rail lifts out and can be easily set aside for when you are using your desk in the full down (sitting) position.  All drawers have heavy duty pull out full extension gliders so you can get to the very back of the drawers with ease.

Unlike our other standing executive desks, which disassemble rather easily, this desk cannot. Being only 30 inches tall in the sit-down position, it should be able to be carried in sideways through most doorways. Please check your doorway and hallway measurements before ordering.

Our Sit-Stand Executive is available with raised or reverse panels on the front and sides of the desk including the privacy panel, plus extra wide carved fluted corner moldings. We also offer matching, solid wood bookcases, credenzas, and filing cabinets.

WARNING: Our Executive Adjustable Desk is not for children. It is not “child proof”. Please always make sure your fingers (or somebody else’s) are not between the descending desk-top and the desk body. Doing so will hurt…a lot! So please make sure to take heed of the following precautions with this desk:

Rule #1: Always make sure your hand is not between the descending desk-top and the body of the desk. (Please watch demonstration video).

Rule #2: Make sure no one else’s hands or fingers are between the descending desk-top and the body of the desk.

Rule #3: Do not allow children to play with the control panel of this desk. Unplug the desk if you have unsupervised children exposed to this desk when you are not around.

Rule #4: The space underneath the desk-top is not for storage of anything thicker than perhaps a magazine.

Be sure and watch the demo video below:

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable height computer desk, an executive uplift desk, or maybe just a computer standing desk, our sit-stand executive desk fits the bill for luxury design and decor.

Our customers tell us this is the best executive uplift desk anywhere. We agree.

We built it that way with a lifetime warranty on the desk and a 7-year warranty on the hydraulics. When it comes to home office computer desk furniture, StandUpDesks.Com is your one-stop standing desk furniture store. We make the best stand up desks in America. Our desks can be found in the White House, the Pentagon, virtually every Court House, and Government Agency in the U.S. and several in our northern Canadian neighbors’ Governmental Agencies.

There is nothing else on the market today that compares to the beauty and quality that goes into the production of this finely crafted piece of furniture. If you are looking for a sit-stand executive desk, you have found the finest one known on the market.


Need help configuring your desk? 

Let us find the perfect wood, and/ or leather inlay to make your Executive Adjustable Desk a one of a kind masterpiece. Call (888) 825-8423 with any questions or further inquiries!


More Detailed Information:

AVAILABLE WIDTHS:  6’6″ & 7′. (Normal DEPTH 36″).
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: From 30″ normal sit-down setting UP TO 50″ for personal heights up to 6’6″ tall.
AVAILABLE in 10 Kinds Of Wood: Red or White Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Rustic Cherry, Cherry, Hickory, American Walnut, Brown, Birdseye, Tiger or White Maple, Elm, Ash, and Imported Mahogany. We can also get one-of-a-kind exotics if that’s your thing.
AVAILABLE LEATHER INLAYS: Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Oxblood, Brown, Taupe.
AVAILABLE FINISHES: All standard stains plus custom colors available.


If you would like a print out of the desk order form with prices and options click the link BELOW:

Click Here Worlds Most Beautiful Electric Height Adjustable Desk.


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